Verizon starts the battle with a new service plan structure that will create ripples in this sector

Verizon wireless the largest U.S. wireless carrier has trended on a new path by adopting a series of changes that is deemed to reduce consumer options and in raising the costs. Verizon wireless after years of fighting a price war in its latest move has introduced its biggest modernization plans pertaining to pricing that will enable the customers to share data allotment in as many as ten devices under a single account.

The new “Share Everything” plans is to sold as on from June.28th that will raise the price for the data users but include unlimited text and voice minutes inclusive of video and picture messaging in addition to single capped data allotment for up to ten devices. This new plan on one hand may save heavy users money as they attach tablets, phones and laptops’ to the Verizon network but on the other hand it also takes away with the carrier’s cheapest plans for new smartphone customers and pressure the subscriber to give up their unlimited data packages when they upgrade to new phones.

Under the new pricing structure a new smartphone customer choosing for the cheapest data bucket, 1 Gigabyte will have to pay $90 before taxes and fees ($40 for phone access and $50 for 1 GB). Customers can also add a basic call only tablet and laptop or USB stick to share their data allotment for $30, $20 and $10. The current plans also include the cheapest plan for a smart phone that costs $70 ($40 for 450 minutes of voice and $30 for a 2 GB of data). The data allotment comes in six buckets that range from $50 for 1 GB to $100 for 10 GB. There is also Mobile Hot Spot Service that will turn the phone into a Wi-Fi that comes with free router.


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