7 Top Yoga Retreats Around the Globe

Once the purview of hippies and the rich-and-famous, yoga has now come into its own as a mainstream method of holistic exercise and stress-reduction.

Students, housewives, and construction workers are all learning about the many benefits of incorporating yoga practice into their daily lives.

The best known traditional yoga style is Hatha Yoga. Combining exercise with breathing and stretching, Hatha Yoga is the most popular style in the modern fitness community.

Two other yoga styles that are also enjoyed are the fast-paced Ashtanga Yoga, and its opposite – Vinyasa Yoga, known as “flow yoga” because of the way the moves slowly and smoothly glide into each other.

Regardless of what style of yoga you choose, somewhere along the line you are going to want to experience a yoga retreat.  Below are five of the top yoga beach retreats. This group offers something for everyone.

1. The Tides, Zihuatanejo, Mexico. 

Don’t let the small village location fool you.  The Tides offers one of the most sought-after yoga retreats in the world, mainly because of its celebrity instructor, Tom Morley.  Formally trained in both Hatha and Matha Yoga, Mr. Morley, who can be seen on Exercise TV, also brings his expertise as a massage therapist and energy healer.

At The Tides you will do your yoga in a palapa by the Pacific ocean.  You can also avail yourself of extracurricular activities such as a yacht cruise or a beachside tequila tasting.


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