The Amazing Spider Man will strike again for the fourth time at a theatre near you

On the 3rd of July this year, movie goers will be reintroduced to the friendly neighborhood spider, the amazing swinging Spiderman whose story will be retold in the fourth installment of the franchise after a relatively less successful third sequel. Striking for the fourth time, the young Peter Parker and his alter-ego, the Spiderman played by Andrew Garfield will explore the disappearance of his parents which eventually lands him in a mire of issues as the story proceeds.

The movie includes Emma Stone playing Parker’s original girlfriend Gwen Stacy who was a part of the Spiderman comics until her untimely death ironically at the hands of Peter Parkers misuse of his webby powers. In this movie, audiences will see Peter struggle with his present as a foster child to his aunt and uncle and also with his past that causes him constant trouble at a very emotional level. Discovering a mysterious suitcase that belonged to his father, Peter’s destiny tests him against serious odds as it brings him face to face with his Dr. Curt Connor’s alter-ego the Lizard.

Audiences will be treated to heart-thumping action sequences and high-level drama that, as far as the trailers go, seems to be more than what the previous movies offered.

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