The ‘Amazing Spiderman’ in Tokyo

Superhero’s movies are a favorite of people belonging to varied age groups. All of us watch these movies with great anticipation that there might be something to new to experience and feel the thrill. And the success of these movies lies in the hands of the directors and filmmakers. They are the ones who can put a whole new concept to life through their movies and help the actors portray the role in such a way that the viewers not only enjoy the movie but also can relate it to their lives.

One such movie that comes to our mind when we talk about superheroes is the ‘Amazing Spiderman’. This movie offers a look into Spiderman’s teenage life. All of us are used to watching Spiderman dealing with multitudinous villains and saving his love from them. But this movies now portrays Spiderman in a very new role, teenager. We can watch Spiderman managing his teenage affairs as well as wearing his spidey costume to compete head on with his evil opponents. This role of Spiderman is being played by Andrew Garfield who is very excited about it because loves realistic superheroes and Spiderman is the most human superhero who spends simple a life just as we do. Gwen Stacy is his love-interest in this movie. All he cast and crew members were really ecstatic about the movie while attending the movies premiere in Tokyo on 13, June 2012.A large number of Spiderman fans had Swarmed the premiere to take a look at their new ‘Spidey’. The movie is to be released in 3D which will also be one of the factors luring in a large number of people to the theaters. But there are fans who are also interested in watching what role Gwen Stacy has to play in this movie.

This movie is scheduled for a limited release in Japan on the 23, June 2012. And it will be released in America on 3, July 2012. It looks like the Spiderman fans around the world are growing impatient by the day to have a look at their ‘Amazing Spiderman’.

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