The best off-beat destinations in the World to unwind

Technology is a double-edged sword. For travelers it can be a boon, but for vacationers it becomes a nightmare – not allowing them to vacation to their hearts’ content. Though some holidayers might chose to constantly update themselves by checking emails at hotel wi-fi provisions or through blackberry’s, those who feel like unwinding themselves on holidays can take a look at the various destinations before finalizing their vacation plans. So here’s a look at places where you can stay off the grid at all times.

&Beyond Xaranna Okavango Delta Camp in Botswana is a classical get away. To get away to this place too is an experience in itself – travelling by small plane, safari, a boat.  The classic food and guided tours are included in the price of the package. The vacationers can have a visual feast of various forms of life – both aqua and land.  Full with private pools, four-poster beds and huge soaking tubs, technology is obvious by its absence. One can come close to the world’s most exotic creatures.

Jake’s, South Coast in Jamaica which is strewn with a canopy of trees and lantern arches has facilities for Yoga classes and exquisite varieties of food.  The property though devoid of television, internet and phones offers Wi-Fi exclusively at pool side and in the lobby of the restaurant.
Jade Mountain Resort in St. Lucia is the ultimate destination for those in a romantic mood, The Jade Mountain Resort at St. Lucia offers an incredible romantic air.  No television, phones or internet services imply a serene getaway from the daily humdrum of things.  The world’s most romantic and costliest resort gives its guests a jaw-dropping view of the Caribbean sea, Jacuzzi tubs and canopied beds.

Travaasa Hana in Hawaii Securely placed amidst the lust east coast, The Hana Maui off the Hana Bay offers exotic food coupled with an incredible service to boot. Though hard to reach, the resort is worth every pound spent on it.

H2 Hotel in Healdsburg, California, is fairly priced resort, the H2H Hotel at California offers its guests delicious fresh food. The place is relatively less crowded and has good private beaches and a fabulous spa.


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