The Dangerous North Korea Is Making Moves

Kim Jong-Il, with his passing, is regarded my America as a ruthless dictator who was involved with trying to create dangerous weapons of mass destruction.  His successor, Kim Jong-un, is much like his father and unfortunately for the rest of the world is headed down the same path of nuclear weaponry ambition.  Till the days of his father’s death, Kim Jong-un received important advice concerning military matters.  The question is what were the discussions all about? Who did Kim Jong-il consider enemies and what kind of legacy did he want to leave to the world?  Selected as heir in September 2010, Kim Jung-un is making moves that arereminiscent of his father’s behavior as a general.

The United States’ role as the police officer of the world is a concept that enrages countries like North Korea.  If America can own nuclear weapons why can’t they?  It is a self-explainable question since we are the nation that doesn’t abuse its power for the most part in ways that hurt humanity and destroy democracy.  Kim Jong-il has a history that is not for human rights and it is a scary notion that his protégée is on the warpath building a mighty military.  In a documentary Kim Jong-un threatened to engage in war if any nation intercepted a recent rocket that was being tested.  Extreme decision-making like that makes North Korea a key country to be monitored.  ChristopherHitchens sums up the sad state of North Korea’s affairs in a quote,

“Kim Jong Il, incidentally, has been made head of the party and of the army, but the office of the presidency is still ‘eternally’ held by his adored and departed dad, who died on July 8, 1994, at 82. [He was regarded as the “supreme” leader] This makes North Korea the only state in the world with a dead president. What would be the right term for this? A necrocracy? A thanatocracy? A mortocracy? A mausolocracy? Anyway, grimly appropriate for a morbid system so many of whose children have died with grass in their mouths.”


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