The first advertiser campaign opens up in Pinterest

The first advertisement campaigns opens up on Friday on Women’s Health Magazine through its website Pinterest. There were numerous contests held in the past on Pinterest but not on behalf of another advertiser. The magazine is inviting the readers to participate in this contest by creating “Sparkling Summer” Pinterest boards that is integrated with the images from the advertiser – Forevermark Diamonds.

The participants of this contest are eligible for a trip to a Woman’s Health Party in the Hamptons during the summer. The emergence of Social Media has created ripples in the advertising sector. Most of the advertisers find social media as a difficult territory to enter into.  There is negative criticism from the followers and fans on the aspects of the vociferous sponsored messages that appear in the other media such as radio and print media.

Majority of social media accounts rests with the editorial department of the magazines who use these social media accounts for building up their audiences and driving up traffic to their websites. Women Health magazine believes that the social media campaign related with the contest is enough to counterbalance the appearance of sponsored content in the news feed of their Pinerest fans. The offer prizing will definitely create a fruitful experience related with Women’s Health magazine that is very much alive to the audiences.

Meanwhile, Women’s Health has already sold another social media campaign for the month of July/August issue of the Proctor and Gamble. Schmidt hopes that this campaign will open the doors of prizing and special contest to their audience. This magazine will encourage its more than one million Twitter followers to get access to a combination of Twitter parties.

However, there is still a question that arises about the third party advertisements related to the brands that are followed by their fans and about their acceptance without a tangible benefit in the form of a prize or a contest.

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