The Future of Employment

The world is getting smaller with the rise of information and communication technology and this has affected the job market in a big way. The flow of knowledge and skills the opening of markets globally has meant that the future of employment and employable skills has altered drastically. There are whole industry’s today that did not exist just a decade ago. Technology has advanced to form a whole new world of social networking, video telephony and mobile offices.

So it’s very difficult to predict what the future holds and what skills will be in demand tomorrow. A decade ago it was believed that low skilled white collar jobs like data processing were all that could be shipped off shore, but today more high skill work such as accounting, patent law, routine reading of x rays are all being shipped to places with an abundance of less expensive, highly skilled, English speaking workers.

So which are the jobs that are safe? The best jobs are the ones where you need face to face interaction that cannot be done remotely. A doctor needs to see you to make a diagnosis and with the ageing economy there’s sure to be a massive demand for people in the health care industry. People will always want to look beautiful so jobs like cosmetology will always be a safe bet.

Kid will need an education, thus child care professionals and educators will never go out of fashion. People who are skilled at a trade and run small businesses will also enjoy job safety. It is difficult for a painter from India to paint your home in Phoenix, or to fix that leaky faucet. The demand for creative artists will never decrease as well. Hollywood, and the high end fashion industry are reaching a global audience hungry for more and people who build fantasies in these dream factories will always be in great demand.

In the fast changing environment of the 21st century people who are able to adapt easily to change will always fare the best. People will high skilled college degrees are more easily able to move from one job to another and learn new skills thus ensuring that they will always find work.

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