The Holiday Slowdown

It’s that time of the year, when pretty much everything stops; recruiting is no different. The impending Christmas and New Year make sure the festive mood seeps in everywhere and impacts productivity.

Organizations play with the mood and shut down hiring for the month for most positions until after New Year’s. It’s a great time to go back to the drawing board and start analyzing budgets and needs. It’s no secret that most recruiting/HR personnel along with hiring managers are on vacations ushering in the New Year. Pre-screening candidates or early rounds of the hiring process become extremely slow or non-existent.

The most interesting fact of all is the hiring numbers for December over the years have been solid and show no marked difference from any other month. For job-seekers, this is not necessarily the time to relax.  Companies have allocated budgets to be spent before the end of the year, and hiring is a great way to do that. A smart job-seeker would not stop looking during the holiday season, because there’s less competition. Networking during the festive season is a great way of mixing business and pleasure, along the way getting to know a lot of influential people.

In companies, while most activities are lagging, there are always crucial openings that need to be filled before the end of the year. So juggling between basking in the festive mood and being productive can give you a different feeling. It’s a fantastic time to draw up plans and strategies for the upcoming year to face the challenges thrown up by the dynamic labor market. It is also great time to close out those pending deals. People in talent management might find work a little less hectic and the pace of hiring a little less frenetic, but they all know that they are accountable at all times.

From a personal perspective, the most important of all is to relax and enjoy the holiday season. Take time for yourself and your family and make the free-time count.

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