The Influence of Entertainment

Today the masses are flocking to the movies and watching television and listening to musicians in order to eliminate boredom and illuminate their imagination.  The olden days are over where people looked to books or their family for guidance and self-realization.  Now, people who are searching for the meaning of life look to movie stars, television personalities, and musicians to show them what they don’t know and how to view the world properly.  Children look up to these celebrities and often imitate these fortunate entertainers (who make a bunch of money) wishing they could be just like them and basically these kids turn them into deities.

All movies have an underlying theme to them, something that they are trying to show the audience exists in everyday life and that they should leave the theatre’s being completely aware of.  It might take awhile but as soon as the climax hits them like a ton of bricks they truly understand what the director was trying to create: his or her unique perspective of human culture.

The influence of entertainment in the form of television has metamorphosed over the past century into a powerful conduit between your everyday average Joe and societal knowledge.  In other words, TV portrays different aspects of what has seeped into society whether it be rocky relationships (like soap operas) or troubles of humanity (news broadcasts that report on travesties).  Some consider that people who are regular television viewers are getting brainwashed but I feel that if one holds on to their own principles and watches television in an objective manner, then it is all-good and nothing could be more entertaining.

Music gives feelings to listeners that are irreplaceable and guides them to the gold that they are searching for.  A jackpot winner in the musical world is someone who is feeling a certain emotion and then can blast that certain song that obliterates their respective frustration and makes them makes float to cloud nine.  There are so many different emotions that we feel during the day that it is important for us to tune into one of them by listening to music and allow ourselves to feel blessed and content with our sometimes mundane lives.

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