The latest wonder elevator by Mitsubishi

Mitsubishi Electric has designed super fast elevator to be fitted in the Shanghai Tower, which is being constructed in Shanghai’s Pudong area in China. The Shanghai Tower, which is presently under construction and expected to open in 2014, has been designed by U.S. architectural firm Gensler and when complete will stand at 632 meters or 2,073 feet and have 128 floors.

This impressive elevator will travel at approximately 40mph,( 1,080 meters, or 3,543 feet, per minute )to ensure a smooth flow of traffic within the Shanghai Tower which will be the second highest sky scraper in the world, after Dubai’s Burj Khalifa.

Running an elevator that achieves such high speeds has required special attention to detail from Mitsubishi. The safety gear is made of ceramic to be able to withstand the heat and friction that will result when it grips the elevator rails in the event of a malfunction in the cables. The gears are in two stages to be able to handle the kinetic energy that will be generated because of the high speeds of this elevator.  A built in generator in each motor in the elevator regenerates electricity reducing the power consumed by this elevator by more than 30 percent.

Each of these elevator cars has an aerodynamic shape to help it achieve high speeds; also these special elevator cars are equipped with active roller guides that reduce shaking so that passengers have a comfortable ride without too many vibrations. The presence of sound insulation cages around these cars reduces noise for an extra quiet ride and an advanced air pressure control system in these amazingly hi-tech cars will control the pressure within so that passengers do not experience the uncomfortable effects of travelling vertically at high speeds, like popping in their ears. These cars will be hauled by new Sflex-rope which is made of high intensity steel wire strands that are then wrapped in plastic.


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