The LinkedIn Advantage: Optimize To Capitalize!

In an age that is intensely inter-connected, albeit one dimensionally, through a variety of social networks with a unique USP each, the realization that online presence can be source of corporate image building is one that has been internalized by almost all corporate houses and businesses in the market. Those who fail to see a merit in this form of networking are clearly losing out on a larger market that is flourishing with young people who currently wield the purchasing power and the power to like and dislike things. This interconnectedness not just helps companies communicate with their clients or customers but also helps them develop a virtual image that can work wonders for its public relations.

In this humdrum of innumerability and vastness of the subject, LinkedIn has often been recognized as having a more professional and serious demeanor as opposed to Twitter that tweets and Facebook that lets you ‘like’ things. However, with LinkedIn there is more than meets the eye and optimizing its use is highly recommended for every user, be it a company profile or an individual profile. Here are the reasons why:

LinkedIn is a professionally oriented social networking website which is loved by those who actually are experts or are at the top of things in their respective fields and they like networking too. This is what basically drives companies and individuals alike so that their online social interactions are more meaningful and yield a real outcome be it in terms of gaining a recommendation or earning brownie points from clients by highlighting a ‘green’ investment on the company profile. For those who have successfully used and have leveraged from their LinkedIn use, the importance of a complete profile must been profoundly evident. It actually pays to not just complete your virtual persona that is reflected through your profile but also connect the various networking platforms that you use with LinkedIn in order to allow people to gain a mental picture of you, your work and your personality. This goes a long way in helping people, probably potential employers or clients to assess you and your capabilities before they’ve even met you. Now who wouldn’t want an interviewer who knows so much about you that he won’t have too many questions before you’re given a nod for a new job??

Optimizing your virtual persona is essential for you to highlight the fact that you are indeed a different person and don’t conform to things that others do. This helps build an individualistic image, helping people connect with you and your reality as a person. Take this advantage further and you can actually grow your network through increased confidence and approach people who could help you through your next career or corporate move. Connecting with people allows you to have more control over what happens in your life through meeting people that may eventually help you in crisis. Its recommended that you connect through helping people realize their dreams. If you’ve worked with someone and know that they’re good enough for a particular job, then go ahead and earn some goodwill through recommendations. Perhaps in some time you may be able to avail someone else’s goodwill through a similar act. Good begets good and this is true especially in case of LinkedIn recommendations.

Expand your networking skills through LinkedIn groups. Perhaps start one to push your business a league ahead by connecting with your clients and understanding their needs and requirements. Perhaps it’s there that your next star employee or supplier or partner may emerge from! Create a circle that indulges in fruitful discussions that enhance the value of your product or service. This not just helps you be flexible but also helps you innovate through banking on views and ideas that your clients on LinkedIn may have. The professional nature of the website helps maintain formal discussions devoid of superfluous commentary usually seen on facebook.

There is real and tangible advantage in optimizing your LinkedIn use and enhancing your virtual experience by connecting better. Grab this advantage, perhaps it’s been yours to capitalize all along!

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