The Menace that is the Paparazzi

A single word that sends a shiver down the spine of many celebrities is the word ‘Paparazzi’. These celebrity hungry shutterbugs follow, stalk and do whatever it takes to get a photograph of a celebrity. They often take pictures in the most of comprising of positions and ones that are intimate and personal. The menace of these photographers has often spiraled out of control and has lead to many celebrities breaking down. The same people who put them on Page 3 and give them all the attention in the public eye often cross the line of decency. Over the years that line seems to have stretched a bit too far for comfort.

Britney Spears has often been the most affected celebrity and one who has been constantly targeted. Her altercations with them have often been ugly and have led to her reaching a breaking point. In a TV interview couple of years back, she broke down on national television discussing the Paparazzi menace.

The Paparazzi menace happens to backfire most times; there have been many cases of physical retaliation by the celebrities involved or their bodyguards. However, the situation often comes back to affect the star, when such issues are published by newspapers that often portray the star in bad light.

Sean Penn had a moment of madness, when he was ready to throw a photographer from the 9th floor of his hotel building, but he didn’t. Kanye West, the famous rapper had a run-in with a photographer at LA Airport, he attacked him without provocation and broke his camera as well, he went on to face charges for the incident. ‘Wolverine’ star Hugh Jackman, much in his style has a unique way of dealing with such photographers. He always keeps stock of baked beans and throws them at the journalists. The list of such incidents is exhausting and never ending.

The various steps to handle the menace have been discussed before; the LAPD has also gotten involved in to the picture. There has never been a final decision or something substantial come out of these meetings that is agreeable for all parties involved. For the moment the status quo will be maintained, but the bigger question is, for how long?

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