The New Years Is a Time for Change and Festivities

We all need reasons to celebrate our triumphs and for our loved ones to commiserate with us over our sorrows and the New Years is no better time then to do just that.  This is an occasion where we follow our heart and free our body, mind and soul from the stresses of the world and find peace in the fact that we have friends to toast with, sharing epic moments of joy and love.  New Years Eve merriments are exciting because we know that the year is done and that after we have a good timeafter ending of a long year,we wake in the morning to a dawn with new possibilities.

The concept of developing resolutions is an age-old tradition of America’s New Years celebratory events.  There are things about us that we don’t like and we often desire to change these elements about ourselves.Thus we strive to strip away these inadequacies and as a custom to these times in the year are encouraged to make those improvements.  Some say that they want to start using their money more wisely, while others make the resolution that they want to lose weight.  Whatever it is, it is beneficial and in the best interests for the individual.  Nobody is perfect as we all know, but we all want to get as close to it as possible.

The New Year is a time for reflection and taking into account all that has happened in your life for the past 365 days.   Reminiscing about all of this allows one to pause and appreciate the fact that they made it through that time span that was undoubtedly filled with life’s precarious ups and downs.  For them it is then time to shake it off and celebrate the initiation of a new beginning where they get to start all over again with a clean slate.  The New Years in Times Square for instance is very grand with the dropping of the ball and the crowds of onlookers that party in unison and are all looking ahead to a hopefully bright future for themselves and their loved ones.

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