The race to the White House just got hotter

The pace of the race to the White House seemed to pick up in the last few days. Romney and Obama’s campaigners are no longer playing nice. It’s all secret trips and pointing fingers now. On Thursday, Obama’s chief strategist decided to take on Romney’s home turf. In Boston, he blasted Romney’s record as the governor of Massachusetts.

Romney is not one to take that quietly. In just a few hours time, he took a secret little trip to California to bring a little glitch of the Obama’s administration in to light. He went to Solyndra, the solar panel company that went bankrupt under Obama’s administration.

Axelrod’s speech in Boston did not go as well as he might have hoped. Romney’s supporters chanted along and interrupted the appearance. Romney, learning from the experience kept his little trip a secret from his own campaign reporters too.

While Axelrod discussed how Romney’s four years as governor hurt the middle class more than anybody, Romney went all out and said Obama has failed to understand how the free-market economy works. Romney dint spare Obama’s leadership either when he said his competitor has poor economic leadership. Romney claims that the experience he has had running a real life business makes him more qualified to run the country’s economy.

Romney officially received the Republican nomination with the win in Texas, though his competitors gave up on their campaigns a while ago.

Obama’s campaign has been focussing on Romney’s underachievement as the Massachusetts governor. They point out that Massachusetts is ranked 47th out of the 50 states in job creation. Also, in the four years the long term debt has grown and Romney was responsible for a tax-cutting pledge that favoured the wealthy.

When asked about the new developments in his campaign, Romney said “Many of the events I go to, there are large groups of, if you will, Obama supporters there heckling me. And at some point you say, you know what, sauce for the goose is sauce for the gander. If they’re going to be heckling us, why, we’re not going to sit back and play by very different rules.”

Opinion put no one in the lead. It looks like this race is going to be a really close one.

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