The Republican Nomination – More than Half Way there

Mitt RomneyAs expected Mitt Romney swept all three states that chose their nominee to be the Republican Presidential Candidate on Tuesday. Mr. Romney now has 640 delegates putting him over the half way mark for the 1144 delegates that he needs to win the nomination outright. Mr. Romney seems to have his eye on the main prize now, focusing most of his winning speech towards challenging President Obama.

For all that the Republican conservative base distrusts Mr. Romney, there is no denying the keen business sense that has lead to his making a fortune. Decrying the sad state of the economy is one topic on which Mr. Romney finds himself on safe ground with the Republicans as well as America as a whole, and he has attacked the President on his handling of the economy as well as the prevailing high gas prices.

In a nod to the expectation that Mr. Romney will most likely be his opponent for the November Presidential elections, Mr. Obama has for the first time directly attacked Mr. Romney in an uncharacteristically partisan speech this week. Mr. Obama spoke disparagingly about the Republican budget proposals that aim at cost cutting by reducing Medicaid and other benefits for the sick and elderly and highlighted Mr. Romney’s approval of this budget which he is known to have called ‘Marvelous’.

Mr. Santorum was completely ignored by Mr. Romney and it is felt that pressure may be put on him to step down from the race after the next round of primaries at the end of April. Six states will decide on their nominees on the 24th of April, amongst them Pennsylvania which is Mr. Santorum’s home state, is the only one in which he is polling ahead of Mr. Romney. The cash rich Romney campaign is likely to hit Pennsylvania very hard with strong attack ads against Rick Santorum.


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