The Role of Avatar

The dictionary defines avatar as “an embodiment or personification, as of a principle, attitude, or view of life.”  How to let people know what is our avatar?  In other words, how do we indicate to someone who happens to pass by what we represent and what we are all about.  Well it all has to do with attire and how you present yourself.  More specifically, it is about what you choose to wear leading to what you are willing to let other people know about you.  There are so many choices how to dress these days.  On my way to work everyday, I see people in casual plain clothes giving off the image of simplicity and purity.  Then I see those aspiring men in suits who recognize clarity and the business side of life where it is all about the green (money).  I am from Texas, so I am very familiar about those avatars that keep it western real with the cowboy boots and hats to match.  There are those hip-hop fans that “ride to the beat” and fashion off an urban swagger.  And then there are people who step outside the box and carry an avatar that is nothing but out of the ordinary that screams for attention and has me perplexed, but smiling all the same.

The way one views the world results in fashion choices that make people recognize what part of Western culture that they promote.  There is no right or wrong in this decision-making process but it does have its consequences.  Meaning, if you choose a certain outfit, someone might pick up one of those good old ignorant stereotypes that condemn you and your ability to progress in this very judgmental world.  I have been victim to this and am now privy to transforming my avatar to different styles that allows me to mingle in various circles talking to individuals that interest me and have auras that maybe one day I might emulate.  Not saying that I am going to be a copy-cat or anything but in the end, aren’t we all trying to shine and show people what group of people or cultural group that we belong to.  More importantly, I am trying to convey the message that we can change in and out a plethora of avatars to show off our various personality traits.  The role of avatar is a very personal, important choice to set yourself on the right track!

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