The world to wait until 2015 for another peek at Pandora

Avatar 2The much anticipated return of the Na’Vis, the native people of Pandora on screen is going to be delayed for at least for another two years. It was previously believed that the sequel to the movie, Avatar would return in the year 2014. But earlier this week, producer Jon Landau officially announced that the release has been moved to at least 2015.

He said he wants to get the movie ‘right’ and there was no point in hurrying. “When the movie is ready it will make the release date. There will be Avatar 3 as well.” He added

The first movie of the trilogy, Avatar was released in 2009. The film was set in mid 22nd century in a world called Pandora. In the futuristic film, human beings try to occupy Pandora to mine for a precious metal. As an unexpected part of this mission an ex-marine takes his twin brother’s place to make the Na’Vis give up their land. His conflicts and complications take the plot to another level.

The next movie in the trilogy will continue from where the first one ended. The director and producer have said that the second and the third movie will be stand alone by themselves. The second film will not be a set-up for the third one, just as the first one wasn’t for the second one.

The unofficially reasons for the delay of these movies that have been cited are Cameron, the director’s recent dive to the bottom of Marina trench and him being occupied with the re-release of Titanic in 3D.

Though the first film was in the pipe line since 1994, it managed to make it on to the screen only by 2009. The director said the technology he required to make the film wasn’t developed by then. He could be facing similar challenges now.

Though Landau and Cameron have confirmed that the next movie will not be ready by 2014, they have already begun collaboration with Weta Digital. It’s a company from New Zealand that is working on underwater motion capture system that will awe the audience with images of Pandora’s ocean.

Though the wait for Avatar 2 got longer, it will not get any less exciting.

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