This Valentine’s Day, Go Green!

While we have gone green for everything from grocery bags to huge buildings, why make Valentine’s Day an exception? The tradition of Valentine’s Day is red but get a little bit of the trend too by going green.

Millions celebrate this day with their loved ones by exchanging gifts, sending chocolates and flowers. But what they don’t notice is that, how much Mother Earth gets affected because of this seemingly harmless tradition.

Valentine’s Day is a multi-billion dollar spectacle. In the United States, in 2011 alone around $15 billion was spent. The things that are made and sold are not as lovely as one might hope. Especially if you are concerned about the environment, looking in to the process of manufacturing and selling of these things could be a deal breaker.

This doesn’t mean one has to abandon the day altogether. A little time and effort can get much greener and safer things to make the day extra special. Flowers for instance should be picked with care. Though flowers seem like the least harmful of the lot, they might be more serious than you think. The flowers that are grown for the day have to look fresh and they have to remain so for a long period of time and have to travel quite a distance. So, they are generally sprayed with dangerous chemicals that keep them free from bugs too. The best solution for this is to go local. Buy from your local florist. Ask for flowers that were grown locally without major pesticides. Most of the local florists use bio-bugs which are healthy alternatives for pesticides.

While you have the flowers covered, make a difference with the chocolate too. Buy chocolates made by Fairtrade companies. These companies ensure that the farmers have been paid a fair price for their goods. It’s easy to locate these chocolates. Just flip the chocolates and look for a Fairtrade logo.

While many say the greenest way to send cards is sending an E-card, let’s not compromise with the tradition. There are a variety of cards that use recycled paper along with vegetable inks. You could even gift a plantable card. Cards that carry seeds that when sown would give beautiful flowers. This Valentine’s Day go local, change the tradition and make a difference to yourself and to the world too.

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