Three Must Visit Zoos in the World

From times immemorial, man is fascinated with other forms of life.  This fascination has led man to innovate the methods adopted to observe the wild life and quench his thirst for knowledge on this front.  Across the globe, several zoos have been set up with various kinds of wild animals caged in them for the pleasure of men. At most of these places it is possible for an interactive session with the wild life too.

Despite zoos being looked down as pleasure places for spectators at the cost of the caged animals, the number of people thronging to such artificial habitats of the wild life is ever increasing. Having said that, it must be emphasized that several leading zoo establishments have put in place most comfortable living conditions for the caged animals – akin to the normal living atmosphere they are used to.

We take you on a virtual tour of the most prominent zoos in the world.

Berlin Zoo: Perhaps, the biggest zoo in the world, in terms of its area and the variety of species in it, the zoo at Berlin, Germany, ranks as one of the most fabulous zoos of the world. This 74 acre zoo attracts nearly 3 million visitors/spectators every year. It hosts about 14,000 varieties of animals, which almost came to decimation in the course of the Second World War. The biggest draw of this zoo happens to be its aquarium which is house for over nine thousand species of fish and aqua life.

Singapore Zoo: It can very well be called a trend setter because of its pioneering efforts of throwing open an “open zoo” concept to the world. The visitors to this zoo find themselves literally face to face with the wild life – albeit separated by moats and trenches. Some of the most ferocious species of wild animals are placed behind glass walls.

Bronx Zoo: The zoo at Bronx, New York City is a veritable jungle spread over a sprawling terrain of 265 acres, housing as many as 4000 species of animals.  Established in 1899, the Bronx zoo has constantly updated itself through introduction of several state-of-the-art enclosures. The 6.5 acre Gorilla Forest stands out as one of the best in the world.

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