Triathlon training for the fastest growing sporting event

Triathlon is now one of the fastest growing sporting events in the United States of America with nearly two million participants during the year-2011. The race for Triathlon event is heating up with triathlon coaches rushing in for giving training for those interested in triathlon events. The main arena for triathlon event remains the New York Triathlons that includes a one mile swim, a 25 mile bike ride and a six mile run.

There are also sprint triathlons that are a good way to start before jumping into traditional triathlon events. The sprint triathlons involve a sprint that is usually is half a mile swimming, a 15-mile bike riding and a 3-mile run. A little bit of training will help in getting through this sprint. The start of New York City Triathlon events on July-8 near the Manhattan’s 96th street makes Timothy Fallon quiet nervous even though he participated in about 75 triathlons including the past seven New York Triathlons.

The triathlon race organizer John Korff – President of the Korff Enterprises Inc. has implemented changes this year keeping in view the concerns of last years accident when two competitors died during the swim portion of the event. This time Korff, whose firm has staged race since the year-2000 has taken certain precautions by making all the new entrants commit to completing an open water swim of at least half a mile within eighteen months of the event in an effort to better prepare them for what they will encounter in the Hudson River.

Korff further informed that in addition to the open water swim requirement, the start of the swim portion this year will be more wide spread or spread out in order to avoid congestion in the river. About fifteen to twenty swimmers will start every twenty seconds which is an increase from last year’s ten second intervals. This will ease the nervousness among the swimmers as they are quiet spread out. The open water swim practice will help the swimmers in preparing for the race.

According to a 2010 research study carried out in the Journal of American Medical Association, the sudden death rate for triathlon competitors was twice as high as the rate of marathon runners.

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