Twitter Advertising – catching eyeballs and generating talk

TwitterSocial Network sites like Twitter are an exciting new avenue for advertising and there has been a lot of discussion around their viability and profitability as a business. The fact that Twitter has been circumspect about its business metrics has ensured that there have been quite a few skeptics about its profitability. In the recent past there have been indications that this cautiousness is misplaced.

Twitter is a young company and is still innovating and experimenting with advertising, they have, after a few false starts, begun to turn heads with their ad units. Hilary Smith SVP for Digital Content at NBC a company that has purchased promoted Tweets, felt that this method of getting the word out was extremely successful and generated a lot of interest and consumer conversation about the product advertised. It has also been felt that Twitter is able to read the audiences better and ensure that ads are relevant and useful for the target audience. This is a view that is supported by Electronic Arts and their promoted tweets that were also extremely successful at generating buzz.

An early estimate that Twitter had an advertising revenue opportunity of about $2 Billion now looks low and it is believed that if Twitter plays its cards right and keeps improving as it has been in the past few months, the sky may be the limit. Lots of people in the advertising industry are very excited by Twitters’ potential as a marketing tool to reach targeted audiences, but feel that there are a few kinks in the process that need to be sorted out first.

Twitter is a new medium for advertisers and at present promoted Tweets, though surprisingly successful, only appear on, once they start appearing on its wider applications their ability to target audiences and grab eyeballs will be unsurpassed. Advertising on Twitter is very different and much more interactive than it is on conventional media. As Twitter charges ads by ‘engagement’ such as clicks, retweets or follows, these ads actually generate conversations around a brand. This is almost a dream come true to the marketing community. On the whole Twitter and similar social media are modern meeting places where people gather to catch up with all the latest happenings around the world, their friends circle and community. Relevant advertising and information that is tailored specifically to be useful, on such a medium may be something that is welcomed both by users as well as publishers.

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