Two cups of coffee may keep you away from cardiologist

A recent research study carried on by the researchers at the Beth Israel Deaconess (BIDMC) and the Harvard School of Public Health in Boston revealed that drinking coffee in moderation which is equivalent to four European Cups (equal to two – 8 ounce American servings) per day may protect slightly against heart failure or lower the risk of developing heart failure when compared with those who do not consume any coffee.  This study contradicts the guidelines of the American Heart Association or AHA that currently warns against coffee consumption.

Till date, heart failure is considered to be having the worst survival rate than many cancers with up to 40 percent of those affected (by heart failure) dying within a year of diagnosis. This research suggests that regularly drinking moderate amounts of coffee can cut the risk of cardiac troubles even though excess consumption (Up to five cups) of coffee could be counter productive. The principle of moderation must be followed in the coffee consumption as suggested by this study.

The researchers are not sure why coffee seems to reduce the impact of heart failure but they are of the opinion that the coffee consumption reduces the likelihood of high blood pressure and of diabetes both of which are one of the main causes of heart failure. The lead author of this research study – Elizabeth Mostofsky – a post doctoral fellow in the cardiovascular epidemiological unit at BIDMC in her press statement said that their results showed a possible benefit but like with other things one consumes it really depends upon how much coffee an individual really drinks.

Mostofsky and her colleagues’ analyzed data derived from five studies out of which four were carried out in Sweden and the other one in Finland that found a statistically important tool in the form of J-Shaped curve linking coffee consumption and the heart failure risk and the lowest risk being at the bottom of the curve.

In totality, the self-reported coffee consumption data came from around 140,220 participants who experienced a total of 6,552 heart failure events.  The results have not showed any evidence that the link between coffee and heart failure risk has varied by sex or by the history of diabetes or heart attack.

Another US government funded research has found the more coffee an individual drinks; the less likely the concerned person is to die from a number of different ailments.  These ailments include heart disease, respiratory disease, strokes, injuries, diabetes, infections but not cancer.

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