Uncle Tom’s Shade

The oath of the hush is the growth of lush means.  Rocks in the intelligence community are a testation of crocks and incredulous, sooty machinations.  The black truth about these convicts is their lack of truth to pontific wear.  This unit of classified nerve has left a chit to an ungratified learning curve.  Forced allowanceis the nightof a guardable and horsedprowess that kites unremarkablecover.  Why bless thisheadline and belie the kiss togrind?A blotto this roar is a game of rhymes by snot thatwar on the name of sublime ambition.  This dastard internment married to a hairy start of fraud that quotesbastard embitterment and has buriedcharity, heart and God’s notes.

Government bravado is the presentation of subornment and hollow aspiration.  It is incented to molder as a vampire that has bested a soldier’s sire.  Good intention is a ruse, the brood of devastation and noose.  This is a pure holocaust that insistsfor the blur of lost memorials.  It is Christian veto for the causable dodo with no missionto sow gospel.  Heartbreaking is thisbreach and stutter, forsaking the reach of a mother.  Souls of death are on paroles for her breath.

Mountains of evidence are fountains of reverence to battle.  Misinformed glee is horned chi that should chuck.  The pluck of the struggling anchor is luck for a cunning banker.  Financing for contention is handing detention to flat tech.  Toshis one’s stewardship to brainwash and pip response.  Mastery of journalism is battery and communism ideal.  Discussion is the beat, the percussion to greet to new standards.  Concise reporting is the price of courting motherhood.  Her park isold-fashioned and enables the stark ofsold passion and fable.

The fate of sin and heist skate on thin ice.  Why bankroll a disciple rather than ply for a scroll to rifle?  Setups defriend as hiccups only to tend for bourgeoisie.  Political makeup is a methodical stump; it encumbers the “john does” to wonder about cons’flow.  Seriousness is an incentive for tearless and vented absolution.  Vengeance is relative speculation and a penance of tentative reincarnation.Uncle Tom grins for an upstage as a knuckle that pins this page!

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