Undo your gaffs with Facebook’s editing option

Social networking sites act as a platform for people who want to socialize and mingle with people around the world. These websites provide a suitable environment in which two unknown people who have never spoken to each other or haven’t even thought of speaking to each other can become friends just by looking at the photos of the person who they want to make friends with. Facebook is one such site which sits on top of the list of social networking websites and promotes people for photo sharing and socializing on the net through its website.

These sites promote friendship and bringing people together. But sometimes there are instances that these websites become the very reason for bitterness and break-up among friends. There are individuals who say they got offended by the comments of their friend or fiancée or any other relative on Facebook and this initiated the fight between them. But is this the fault of the website owners to see whether people are getting seriously ill-treated and some are misbehaving on the website or the comments posted under photos or pictures are becoming the reason to bitterness and quarrels among friends. Well to curb this problem, Facebook has introduced a new editing option on the website in which after you leave a comment you are free to edit it or even delete it. Earlier, after writing a comment which wasn’t intended to be written, we could only delete the comment. But now, we can edit the comment with ease.

You can click on the wrongly typed comment, a pencil appears in which there are two options either you can delete the comment or edit it according to your conveniences. This option serves a lot of purposes. It can eliminate misunderstandings among friends and even if a person wrongly types a comment he can edit it and eliminate any possibility of a misunderstanding. This is an added advantage to the users and this ‘Edit’ option went live on Thursday 21st June 2012 and the users will be able to use it in the next few days off its release.

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