US Embassy shuts its doors in Syria, diplomats called back

In a highly expected move, US Embassy in Syria packed its bags when diplomats were recalled after the State department raised concerns for the safety of its personnel and diplomats citing violent attacks and car bombs. The situation in Syria has been the bone of contention among the media of the world because of the relative contrasts of the seriousness of the situation being presented to the viewers of the world. While the predominant western media has likened the Syrian uprising with the Arab-Spring uprising that occurred against US supported dictatorial regimes in Egypt, Tunisia before spreading to Yemen, Libya and Bahrain, many believe that the situation is due to the anti-negotiation stance assumed by the faceless Syrian opposition which hasn’t had a clear agenda for their demands outlined expect for Bashar al-Assad’s ouster as the ruler. It is to be noted however that the Syrian opposition has had a favorable attitude in terms of extending a hand of friendship towards Israel which has been, until now, seen as a rogue state by majority of Syrians.

In a mix up of interests and a mash up of media reports, the Syrian situation was put to question at the UN which resulted in a ‘no-go’ because of the double veto from China and politically embroiled in its own vote rigging crisis, Russia. In all of this, there have been conjectures made and rumors spread about what really is happening in Syria as no one has had a concrete idea besides fleeting reports and incomplete information coming out of the crisis ridden country since March 2011. Most of this is usually from emotionally charged sources that offer opinion and individual perspective rather than a rational presentation of the current situation in Syria.

Despite an unclear stand of the UN, the Syrian government continues to conduct business as usual while trying to quell reported agitations and demonstration in the country especially in the city of Homs as per most current reports.  With an equally stubborn stance by the two parties, opposition and the current Syrian government, US presence has apparently come to an end in the country while reports of violence escalate and Russian officials make entry into the crisis torn country to take a stock of the situation without relying on American media reports or any others for that matter.

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