Veteran of Enlightement

Gregarious consumers rattle the enlightened and are notorious losers who will never be knighted by Arthur’s sword.  Enters a stern dragon’s unwritten letters that burns the bandwagon of Buddha’s transgressors!  A monk’s flows will get it truly crunk and dispose of these bimbos like Rick Ross and Justin Bieber, who usher a spiritual fever in the Eastern World.  Hollywood’s disposable art breaks Buddha’s misunderstood heart; Vedic disciples should be very heated that their Siddhartha has a headache due to his rivals that wanted him deseeded.  It is criminal that Hollywood is so cynical exiling this aspiring Robin Hood, defiling hiswisdom leaving him frying in Barack Obama’s kingdom.

Americans bark and want Buddha to be a dark demon, a rotten centurion who frolics in an incredulous sodomy as a heathen; the US government is overzealous about his damnation because he has an infatuation to liberate everybody from Christian conspiracy and provide derision about parental heresy.  Entertainers and politicians are tied together in secrecy, and we are the spectators that yearn for Buddha’s fruition to fetter in the hell of sexual parody.Why are we erecting the pillar of the outlandish, disrespecting a caterpillar that has beenbanished?We need this butterfly to take flight, not bleed just because he aims to defy celebrities who bite at the lord’s principles.  Buddha never had the nerve to sound like a reverend, and now the weather serves to clown on Christian’s version of heaven.

Buddhism is a branch of Hinduism, that has unattached the truisms left by once divine, behemoth legends (Rama, Krishna, Arjuna, etc.) forming a line of fans glorifying their ancient achievements; now they are surrounding this prince and pounding away with iron fists.  Their erotic fantasies have exiled this recluse in a chaotic reality with horny rivals that sound like Dr. Zeus.  Physical altercations prophesized in Hindu religion probably led to his spiritual incarceration and now this orphan is bereft because so-called lords accuse him of scriptural theft.  Little do they know that he had to borrow in order to end collective sorrow and bend the bow of a heaven that granted only him an eternal flow?  Every average Joe in Western society should feel ashamed to side with deities for they will reap what they sow, as savage crows that hide from the truest veteran of enlightenment.

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