Warner Bros invests $155 million in UK Movie Studio

Warner Bros, the world famous Hollywood studio has invested $155 million in a British studio complex that will be set up just outside London.

The big shot studio is continuing to invest in the British movie scene after having produced all movies in the Harry Porter franchise. One would believe that the move would be to fill the void left by the successful Potter franchise. The eight potter movies made over the last decade have raked in billions of dollars for Warner Bros and this comes as a gesture of giving something back to the British film fraternity. The investment is a shot in the arm for the business community in UK considering the economic crisis in most European countries.

The studio in the United Kingdom will continue to be Warner Bros Studios Leavesden, after the Warner Bros acquisition of Leavesden in 2010. Most of the Harry Porter movies were shot in the studio.

The studio will be fully equipped for Movie and television production and will be set up on a sprawling 200 acre campus. The studio will also include huge sound stage, one of the largest heated underwater filming tanks in Europe and a 100-acre “clear horizon” back-lot for outdoor scenes.

“We have confidence in the future of the British film industry and the production business generally, and we intend to continue to make movies and TV shows here,” said Josh Berger, president of Warner Bros UK, Ireland and Spain. “We’re coming off a very strong period for British film – global blockbusters made alongside smaller but incredibly successful films,” “There is no reason to think that that should change dramatically in the future and our investment in Leavesden is another of those reasons to be bullish.” He added

Apart from the hugely successful Harry Potter franchises, the other films filmed in Leavesden include “Sherlock Holmes” and “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory”. The facility can handle shooting for two major projects at a time and the size of the campus is sizably bigger than the Warner Bros facility in LA. The studio will be unavailable for rival film production companies as well as for music video production.

The facility being in the vicinity of recently set up Harry Potter tour featuring sets, costumes and animatronics from the movie will be major attraction for Britain’s movie fans.

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