Ways to Stop Resolutions from Dissolving Past January

Yes, it’s that time of the year where readjustment of last year’s resolutions and disconcertment about what this year holds is more often than not a source of worry for a lot of us. Well, in case you don’t believe in resolutions and resolution making then perhaps it is best that you don’t, because forming a resolve to engage with oneself requires the knowledge and the willpower to undertake the task and its is seldom for those who cannot believe enough to resolve and achieve. But for those who do believe that resolutions need to be made and require the power to deliver oneself through strong commitment and conviction from problems or bad habits, then perhaps you are also aware that sticking to these requires more than a fair amount of mental effort and intention. Here are some of the things that might help you. But as cautionary as this can sound, this is an advice that may not run in everyone’s favor and needs conscious effort from the reader’s side as well. So here goes:

Get you basics right

This means that even before you resolve on doing something, you have to be aware of human nature and the immense ability it possesses to purposefully have things lost in ambiguousness of meaning rather than have them accepted and drilled down to the most specific piece. So, more simply, this means that your resolution should be specific and should not come with strings attached. It cannot be something like “I will earn more money” but should be more on the lines that help you realize what attitudinal and environmental changes would be necessary for you to resolve more concretely to the same effect.

Write it down

This is important as writing once, according to research has been shown to be as effective as reading 10 times or more.

Devote time to tasks that need it

Some resolutions like learning a language require you to be devoted and that you consciously practice every day. Tasks like these require a fair amount of dedication through devoting time towards it. Do so, even if you don’t feel like it until this becomes a habit. You will only stand to gain in the long run.

Gather your conviction and will power

Put that extra mental effort to take account of the task at hand and also realize that the situation needs conscious, reasonable and rational thinking. Emotions are better ignored when you need to have things accomplished.

Get yourself a ‘commitment police’ i.e. get a buddy

Simply put, get a buddy to help you stay focused as it is better to place ‘commitment police’ outside of ourselves than inside. Reciprocate the gesture by being your friend’s commitment police. The bonus will be that you’ll be helping others to help yourself and there will be a moral obligation attached.

Be conscious of what the end result needs to be

Developing a will and intention to take your resolve to the end is something that needs an inevitable and continuous mental effort. If you’re not up to it then better to resolve that you’ll resolve when you have developed enough control over your willpower.

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