We Are Headed to a Super Bowl Rematch

The NFL had an exciting Sunday.  New England faced Baltimore, while New York battled San Francisco in a defensive showdown that went to overtime.  Both were heated contests with the winner advancing to the Super Bowl in Indianapolis.  It turns out the Patriots and the Giants will be meeting again in one of the grandest games on earth for the second time in five years.  The losing Ravens and 49ers were both teams that fought hard all the way to the end but it just wasn’t there time yet to meet the world on center stage at the Super Bowl.  The Ravens’ ending was heartbreaking with the field gold kicker botching the attempt that wasn’t from a far distance.  The Giants loss was also a tough one to swallow if you were a San Francisco fan with a fumble coming at the end on a 49er kickoff return, which was subsequently followed by a game winning field goal on the Giants part.

After the game there were ceremonies that christened the NFC and AFC champs with some memorable quotes.  The kicker that won the game for the giants, Lawrence Tynes, marveled, ““It’s my second NFC championship game, my second game-winner, It’s amazing. I had dreams about this last night. It was from 42, not 31, but I was so nervous today before the game just anticipating this kind of game. I’m usually pretty cool, but there was something about tonight where I knew I was going to have to make a kick. Hats off to Eli, offense, defense. Great win.”

Tom Brady, the New England’s QB who has earned a fifth trip to the Super Bowl, commended his troops saying “It’s a pretty mentally tough team.  There’s really some resiliency. We’ve shown that all season. Even in the games we’ve lost, the three games we lost, we fought until the end. We’re always going to fight to the end. It’s great to be a part of a team like this.”  It will be exciting to see the Super Bowl rematch of the Giants versus the Patriots.

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