We As Sports Fans Should Just Imagine

As a former sports enthusiast, I grew up idolizing superstar athletes that would amaze me with their talents.  For instance, my eyes would light up when I would sit in front of the idiot box and watch Michael “Air” Jordan fly above his envious completion and dominate the game of basketball.  In Houston, I can vividly recall going to Houston Oilers game with my father and we would both marvel at Warren Moon (QB) go in hard and throw unbelievable passes that would leave both of us in awe.  As a result, I became an ambitious youth who would stop at nothing to attain athletic prowess regardless if it destroyed the development of my character.  I fell into the same trap that Michael Jordan and Warren Moon did.  One was a chronic gambler with Mob affiliation and the other was a wife beater, respectively.  Somewhere along the line on the road to the Hall of Fame, their ego got in the way and basically became demonized by their riches, pride and most importantly, their celebrity status.  America’s sporting communities have the game all messed up giving these so-called “gladiators” unlimited shine.  What about the youth, who have become blinded by their heroes’God-given talents and refuse to condemn what their idols do off the court (or field, rink etc.)?  It is blasphemy!

As a grown man now, I am struck with grief realizing that all these celebrated athletes are not worthy of being admired in my universe.  Why, you might suspiciously ask?  Well my friends, I am not one bit jealous but vehement that these ENTERTAINERS are making so much money and hoarding it rather than giving back to the communities in a way that could be so beautiful in God’s eyes.  Yes I am well aware of those corny commercials where these prominent figures spend time at homeless shelters and hospitals where they briefly brighten the days of sick children.  We as fans/taxpayers that contribute our hard-earned money to our prospective cities’ professional sport stadiums and have to shell out dough for tickets that in my opinion are overpriced should demand more from these ignorant owners and players.  Am I the only one who realizes that professional athletes should be ashamed of themselves for not realizing that there are so many blinded fans out there that have miserable lives but nonetheless blank out when they see the men of their dreams in action?

I am all for the maximization of profit and don’t get me wrong, with the revenue generated within the franchises of the NBA, NHL, MLS, and MLB it is only fair that owners and players deserve every last penny.  But there is a flip side that we as a fans should demand; not for a redistribution of wealth but an establishment of an uplifting agreement where fervent, suffering fans should be helped out for their devotion to the romantic world of competition and battle.  In the words of the illustrious Spike Lee who sits center court at every New York Knicks game, the billion-dollar sports industry and its spoiled tenants (players, advertisers, leaching sports analysts etc.)  Should simply “DO THE RIGHT THING.”

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