What is blind Faith?

Being a god-fearing person, my faith is always being tested.  When I look back at all the wrong things I have done in life, I know God has disapproved and according to the system of karma, I will eventually pay for my sins.  This is not blind faith however.  Blind faith entails people who are living foul yet insist that they are doing everything right in God’s eyes.  What a foolish way to live!  This article is not meant to sway atheists that there is in fact a God that judge’s right from wrong, but it is meant to aim at those Christians, Muslims, and Jews that are so engrossed in scripture that they can’t truly appreciate their fellow man’s wisdom.  For these unfortunate people, they believe that their God reigns supreme and nobody can tell them a damn thing about how to live their lives because they are stricken by a false sense of faith.  God granted us common sense and in accordance to this fact it is only right that we look to our neighbors with humility and respect.

Why should we be galvanizing around praising the lord while there is so much suffering taking place? Once again what is blind faith?  I am not trying to be a heretic but I just feel that in order to truly attain a noble faith, human aid and compassion is paramount.  The hardest thing in the world is to love somebody that has wronged you and wished for your downfall.  It’s not that this person is wicked or evil, but just blind to the notion that God is always fighting for the underdog, and bleeding for those that are starving, sick etc.  I am a student of the game of life and have come to the conclusion that the almighty could care less if you are successful, rich and healthy; God is more concerned with human atrocities that have been taking place since the beginning of time.

When someone is plagued with blind faith it signals that they deep inside are hiding from there dharma, which means a sense of duty.  We all have battles to fight, but the real test is helping end mankind’s collective suffering.  I see a future that entails the government creating its own version of faith that binds people from committing acts of immoral nature; America is the land of the free only when there are no elements of greed, avarice and narcissism, then a true revolutionary reign will take place.

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