What Is The Tea Party Movement All About?

This antigovernment political group has grown at made a dent in the political landscape of America.  It is a highly conservative group of angry prospective voters who feel that Barack Obama is not worthy to be president and that it is imperative to make him a one-termer.  As it stands, there are certain principles that this movement abides by which include fiscal conservatism, a constitution that limits the government, and most importantly free market economic principles.  The Tea Party Movement is in a compromising situation because it is being split into factions that support different candidates that all to often flip-flop.  Maybe after people know what this conservative sect of the American public stands for, there will be more cohesion and unity within the Tea Party base and these republicans can agree on one candidate.

Fiscal conservatism is something currently not being upheld in Washington.  America is already in a seemingly insurmountable national debt and to make matters worse, the government over-spending continues.  Maybe it’s corporate greed, lobbyists, or plain stupidity on the part ofboth sides of the political isle, but policy needs to change or else our economy is always going to be in the slumps.Ron Taylor sums up the collective drive of the Tea Partyas the spokesperson for the Tea Party Patriots of Covington County saying, “I’ve seen the nicest, most mannerly people who are as mad as heck.  And now, they have a voice.  The Tea Party Movement is their voice.”

Unfortunately for the Tea Party, the field of GOP candidates is not forthcoming to their grassroots principles for the most part.  Rick Perry and Rick Santorum are supposedly for their cause, but it is personally felt that they are just trying to win the nominee.  Establishment is synonymous with political endeavor in this country whether Tea party enthusiasts like it or not and the fact that Mitt Romney is leading in the polls is not their good fortune.  However, they do have members in Congress fighting for them and their ideals will never die.

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