What Madonna Thinks Of Gaga: Madonna Versus Gaga At Last!

What do Madonna and Lady Gaga have in common? Well let’s start with the differences first and then move on to marking out the similarities between the most recognize able artists of the American show biz. For one, they belong to completely different eras and yet are contemporaries. One is a blonde and the other is a brunette. Both of them have had different influences of music genres during their upbringing and yet their music styles remind us of each other. Both have a huge fan following all around the globe.

Lady Gaga has openly said that she adored and admired Madonna and Madonna on the other hand has acknowledged the same and appreciated Gaga’s references to her that she oft makes in her songs. Both the well renowned artists have outrageous claims to fame. Nevertheless, Gaga being more outrageous and consistently at that, while Madonna has been subtle while her controversial antics often in her music videos and less often off it, have sparked some ever living rumors and recognition in people’s eyes for her. Lady Gaga and Madonna are both super stars and have been idolized as role models by millions. They have struggled and achieved what they have through sheer grit and determination and loads of enviable talent.

In a recent interview, when quizzed about Gaga Madonna’s replies were well articulated and balanced as to her opinion about a young rising star who could potentially take away Madonna’s thunder. However, unfazed by Gaga’s popularity, Madonna presented her confident side in the most impeccable when she praised her junior and also her contemporary of sorts. Thus, Madonna displayed an attitude of subtlety which was quintessentially Madonna-esqe. Madonna refered to Lady Gaga as a talented artist knowing well of her recognition and fame while she well knew that her own style was and still remains unique and inimitable. With rumors flying around about a multi-million dollar record deal to her upcoming performance at the super-bowl, Madonna is super charged and looks as stunning as ever given that her peak years are long passed. She retains the charisma of the material girl she has always been.

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