What’s new in Euro 2012?

The UEFA European football championship is a tournament which features 16 international teams competing for the title which is considered to be one of the most precious titles in the football arena. But the this time around there things and events that might astonish people round the world when they see that this year’s Euro 2012 is being organized and hosted by Poland and Ukraine, two nations which earlier didn’t get a chance tohost such championships in their country. There might have been reasons behind it but it feels fresh to witness such a feat achieved.

Now the major problem which troubled the organizers before the tournament was anticipation of untoward incidents that might possibly occur during the tournament and it was truly a gamble which the organizers made when they decided to conduct some of the matches in Ukraine and Poland. But their gamble paid off as no such incident which could possibly put off the mood of the whole tournament never took place. One more thing that might be noticed in this tournament is that the players who play exceptionally well all round the year and on all sorts of stages were a flop. Some of them just managed a goal or two which wasn’t up to their expectations. Many of the teams which were expected to fare well also failed to do so like Netherlands who ended up as runners-up in the World cup 2010. Cristiano Ronaldo fared well and played as he was expected to by supporting his team with excellent performances.

On the pretext of his current performances, it is being speculated that he could become the world player 2012 if he keeps up. Some teams have come to this tournament with certain expectations that they have to do well when compared to their counterparts. The best example might be of France, whose hunger for victory has grown after faring poorly in the World cup 2010 and need to prove it to their disgusted fans that they are ‘some team’. England was facing its own internal pressures mainly from the short-tempered tabloids of their country who weren’t convinced that their team could overcome Italy’s might in the tournament. Due to the current political conditions of Greece and their financial misery due to the pressure imposed by Germany, they might be hoping for a win in the match with their arch- rivals so that this victory could provide them some relief from their misery. Germany is said to be the favorite in this tournament based on their current performances.

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