Why Social Media?

In today’s society, technology is growing at an exponential rate.  87% of the American population own a cell phone.  61% of Americans get their news online and within this group of people 75% receive such modern information by visiting their favorite or preferred web sites.  The days of buying hard copies of newspapers from vendors are slowly dwindling.  What is growing paramount for the average Joe is to rely on SOCIAL MEDIA in order to progress and live in accordance with their dreams, whatever they may be.

“Think about this – those who refuse to use social media are missing out on a lot of what people talk about in the real world (think viral videos, games, celebrity gossip). So if they continue to shy away from it, they themselves will hinder their own ability to interact face to face with peers.”

This means that the longer you stay disconnected from cyber space, the less likelihood you will be able to interact at an efficient level in creating meaningful relationships.  Today, people have the advantage of utilizingresources that provide communication; in other words, wehave the advantage of building a foundation of friends, associates, and business contacts.  Technological advancements have dramatically improved the level of immediate communication that we have between one another.

Businesses are catching on to this phenomenon of online recognition and are taking advantage of the marketing aspect that social media brings to the table.  There exists the famous and heavily tried Facebook and Twitter, which have started a revolution across the world.  48% of internet users have registered online to social media sites in order to create personal systems that they use as a tool.

Facebook has emerged as a powerhouse for businesses as well as citizens that desire to gain a level of recognition.  Over the past decade, Facebook has grown into a monster generating 800 million dollars.  People can easily connect with one another, always having the opportunity to know what their network of individuals are doing at any given moment; thus we are living in very special times where we have the ability to interact with others in a remarkable fashion as well as at an instantaneous rate.


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