Why this Kolaveri Di?

These four words have been on everybody’s lips for the last two weeks and the song playing endlessly in a loop. For people who don’t know or have been living under a rock, Why this Kolaveri Di is a music video that went viral in India and across the world receiving more than 2 million hits on YouTube in just under two days, now the number stands at 23 million.

Why this Kolaveri Di is colloquial Tamil lingo; Tamil is a South-Indian language spoken in Tamil Nadu, India. The words translate to “why this murderous rage”? , the song is aptly placed in the movie after the protagonist (the singer in the song) is dumped by his girlfriend.

The song features in the movie titled ‘3’ starring National award winner Dhanush, who has also sung the song and penned the lyrics. Shruthi Haasan; the daughter of famous movie star Kamal Haasan plays the female lead. Dhanush is also the son-in-law of Super Star Rajinikanth; an actor with a massive fan following in India. The movie is directed by Aishwarya Dhanush, wife of Dhanush and daughter of Rajinikanth. This is her first directorial venture; also making his debut through the movie is the music composer of the song, 21 year old Anirudh Ravichander.

Why this Rage?

The bigger question is. Why has a song composed by a rookie music director and sung by a non-regular singer got such an overwhelming response?

The most important reason is the un-conventional lyrics; which have a beautiful mix of Tamil connotations and broken English, which has appealed to a wider pan-Indian and a world-wide audience. The nice rhythmic yet simple tune has struck a chord with its listeners. Everybody in the world can relate to a break-up and its aftermath, which is the context of the song. There is nothing pretentious about the song and has a very earthy fee to it. The song also had its jargons such as ‘soup boys,’ later it was clarified by the actor that it referred to guys who were dumped or who have met with failure in love.

People have shown their love for the song by recording their own versions of it and uploading them on YouTube, there is even a Japanese version now. Going with the trend of including the phrase in every possible conversation, we ask Why this Kolaveri Di?

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