Why time flies while on holidays

Why time flies while on holidaysHolidays are planned on occasions when a person is tired from his day to day life and opts for a change, in other words he is in pursue of deriving extra pleasure by changing his routine which is different from that which he follows every day. Change of place is the best way to do it. This change of place may also help him in getting rid of the day to day tensions and pressure that one experiences due to work or other factors present in the environment. Holidays play an important role in enhancing ones spirit.

Now all of us have taken holidays and we have often felt that time we spend in or during holidays tends to fly by or pass very quickly but this is not the case it’s just a psychological feeling which occurs due to some factors. It has been noted that the more you think about time its passage will be slower. When we take holidays we move away from usual routine and have more time to experience various things of which some of those might be new to us or which we haven’t experienced yet. We don’t think about time when we are having fun and the lesser we think, more time passes by or in other words, the busier we are the lesser we think about time’s passage. When a person is experiencing something which is new to him or is very exciting he doesn’t tend to get bored. Boredom is one of the factors which make us feel the slow passage of time, this is because we have nothing to do in this time interval and this makes us think about time more and more, and in the absence of this boredom which happens during holiday, time passes by quickly.

These are some points which will help us in making most of our time during holidays and also have long lasting memories which will be relished afterwards. One of the points to be considered is that you select a place which isn’t far away and a large part of your time may not be lost in travelling. Try to plan your holiday well in advance, this will help you utilise your time in a better way.


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