Women rights in the Arab World

Woman’s right is an important topic to be discussed considering the many atrocities that are taking place against females across the world.  It is preposterous to say that woman don’t deserve the same fortunes and representation that men get every day.  Why should people not care that their mothers, daughters or sisters etc. are being treated in an unfair manner?  For instance, in the Arab world, it is absolutelydespicable the way woman’s worth are lessened.  It seems as if their rights are greatly inhibited by the simple fact that men deem them unworthy because of their own special interests.  Where do we go from here?  Well allow me to first explain the recent events taking place across the world.

In Iran, President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad’s tyrannical rule is abhorrent.

Women are treated as second class citizens under his iron fist and it seems like things won’t be getting any better until this madman is ousted and true democracy is enacted into the society.  Iranian-born photographer FaramarzBeheshti made a movie called “Salem Rugby” that reported on the ambition that Iranian woman have of the sport.  The rugby players in the film are portrayed in a light that is not very complimenting in the Western idea of fairness or political correctness.  The filmmaker says this about the unfair president: “It comes down to straightforward lies. Ahmadinejad is so corrupt it’s unbelievable. When he first came to power he made so many promises that have all been broken. Last month they announced women can no longer participate in sports that have any kind of physical contact.

They banned girls from skiing, which is a very popular sport in Iran.

So I would say he made a promise and went backwards. It’s as simple as that.”  In Iraq there is more evident inequality where the women there are protesting the strict regulations that restrict them from wearing dresses, skirts, modern shoes, trousers and colorful clothes.  It is so unfortunate that within their own families, atrocities are taking place called “honor crimes” where a family member takes it upon themselves to discipline the woman who is trying to express herself and her individuality.

In Egypt, there have been many reports of rapes committed by the military during the revolutionary endeavor that took place by the citizens.  It is utterly despicable that a woman’s chastity be taken from her.

So, it is quite apparent that there is a distinction between the right of a woman and a man in the Arab world.  This is due to the Islamic religion and its many rules that forbade women from forming an independent mentality.  We who format our lives from a Western perspective don’t realize how lucky women are here to reap the benefits of democracy and fair representation.  One day, in the near future hopefully, women across the world will be able to live under the same umbrella

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