World’s largest McDonald’s restaurant getting ready for London Olympics

The city of London will not only be playing host to the Olympic Games-2012 but is slated to set a world retail record in the form of the world’s largest McDonald’s restaurant. This two story restaurant which is located next to the Olympic Stadium is spread in an area measuring 3,000 square meters (32,290 square feet) and is expected to have a seating capacity of 1500 diners and serving up to 14,000 people per day.

A total of four McDonalds restaurants are proposed to be built up in London. The first two restaurants – one which will be the largest will be built in Olympic Park for spectators, another will be erected in the main press center and a fourth one in Olympic Village.

For the 29 days of the Olympic and Paralympic Games extravaganza this largest restaurant is expected to serve 1.75 million meals which are also described as the biggest peacetime catering operation in Great Britain during peace times. The venue of this restaurant is designed by leading French designer Philippe Avanzi with brightly colored chairs and stools that reflects the vibrant environment in addition to contemporary designer graphics.

These restaurants will be staffed by 2,000 of the company’s best performing front line employees within the United Kingdom and from around the world. The restaurants will also offer the broadest range of menu in the chain’s history that include items like porridge and Happy Meals with fruits, vegetables and diary options. McDonald is the official sponsor of the Olympic Games with exclusive rights to sell branded food products inside the venue.

However, giving away the food choices at the Olympics to McDonald has drawn criticism from British doctors as the menu is largely identical to McDonald’s outlets around the world. Even the Academy of Royal Medical College found fault in giving the sponsorship to McDonald as in its view, it will send a wrong message in Britain which is already battling with the problem of obesity.  This group also criticized the London Olympic organizers for accepting sponsorship from Coco-cola and brewer Heineken, the official drink sellers at the Olympic Games.

The materials, furniture and fittings at these restaurants are made from recycled materials and once dismantled will be reused in other restaurants across the United Kingdom after the games.  The McDonalds’ executives informed that these restaurants will also have special wasting –sorting facilities that will ensure that most of the garbage gets recycled.

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