World’s shortest woman wants to be Bollywood Star

Amazingly, the time has finally come that people of different shapes and sizes can all aspire to be anything at all. The world’s shortest woman wants to be a Bollywood Star. Fame does not faze her as she used to be the world’s shortest teenager till her 18th birthday last week. Well travelled, she has visited Japan and Italy on Guinness sponsored trips and meetings with other record holders.

At this moment Jyoti Amge is a student who wants to join the Indian film industry after she finishes her education. It is heartening to see that Jyoti has grown up in an environment that celebrates her uniqueness rather than shuns her for being different. At 62.8 centimeters (24.7inches) she is 7 centimeters (2.76 inches) than the American Bridgette Jordan the erstwhile holder of the same title, and is not expected to grow any taller as she has form of dwarfism called achondroplasia. Jyoti enjoys the support of her extended family 30 of who attended the Awards ceremony at Nagpur in Maharashtra, India.

Brimming with confidence Jyoti feels proud that she has put her hometown Nagpur on the world map, and feels that her height is something to be grateful for as it has brought her recognition and the world record. And this confidence is also reflected in Jyothi’s choice of profession.

The Indian film Industry has always had many different streams, some of our most famous films are quite intellectual, but Bollywood is famous for the musical, song and dance masala movies it churns in large quantities. In the past few years with the arrival of global and more professional movie production companies smaller more thoughtful films have found an audience. It is to be hoped that Jyoti is able to find her niche in these films and have her struggle rewarded rather than end up as the star in an insensitive act that some film maker mistakenly considers funny.

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